What is Signato Tools?

Signato Tools is an analytics and automation platform designed specifically for third party sellers on the Amazon marketplace. We provide insight into your sales data and costs, and also offer automations such as repricing, negative feedback alerts, and automated customer feedback request emails. Our services can be simplified into the following categories:

  • Automated algorithmic or rule-based repricing
  • CRM automation - including negative feedback alerts and customized email marketing
  • Detailed sales dashboard with cost analysis, active promotions, best sellers, and profit monitoring tools.

By utilizing the Amazon Merchant Web Services API, we are able to quickly gather data on your account and react in near real time to events within the marketplace. This service allows sellers to gain a major competitive edge by simplifying price monitoring and customer relationship management. Signato Tools organizes and presents your data in a clean manner, making it easy to execute smart business decisions that lead to more sales.

Last updated on 16th Sep 2016